Welcome to fun and fitness with a twist!

Freedog, an exciting new business offering urban activities, will be opening its first centre in SWINDON this July - a massive indoor arena filled with wall-to-wall trampolines.

Step through the doors and prepare to unchain the shackles of gravity as you bounce around on over 100 interconnected trampolines in our free jump zone. No longer must you look on in awe as seemingly superhuman athletes launch into a Slam Dunk. With our multiple Basketball Slam Dunk Lanes you too can slam like a pro. Fancy a game of trampoline Dodgeball? Our court is ready and waiting. Dodging balls now becomes a whole new challenge. Our park will also feature foam pits, just the thing for you to combine dreams with reality and perfect your aerial stunts!

Freedog is the venue of choice for your special occasions such as birthdays or corporate events. Everyone loves to bounce, it’s just kids who’ll admit it! The skies are no longer out of reach, with Freedog, they now belong to you.

We are currently recruiting for full time as well as part time staff at our Park in Swindon. We will provide full training to all staff members and we also offer flexible working hours to our staff members.

Fully-trained staff that are able to operate in all areas of the park will be entitled to £7/hour. We can also offer you an additional £1/hour bonus scheme to recognise and reward your personal educational attainment while working for FreeDog.

We offer a fun filled working environment and will be rewarding our staff with highly competitive packages.

Applications are now open for the following part and full time positions

  • Park Supervisors
  • Court Monitors
  • Shop and Reception Assistants
  • Party Coordinators

We expect our staff members to be multi skilled and therefore each and every employee will receive training to operate in all areas of our park. Training will also include First Aid and Safety Training.

Interested candidates can apply with a 2 minute video clip

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